WesAudio Software Upgrade 2.1 including _Mimas Saturation Mode

We are proud to present major software upgrade 2.1 with many interesting features. Please check short introduction movie!

What’s new in release¬†2.1:¬†
– (NEW!) All plugins suppoort AAX/VST2/VST3/AU formats.
– (NEW!) _DIONE plugin
– (NEW!) _MIMAS saturation MODE:
* can be activated keeping RATIO hardware button for more then 1 second, or using Plugin inside DAW,
* transforms _MIMAS compressor into saturation (drive) unit using very pleasing and loved transformer sound,
* new mode of operation disables all other parameters (knobs & buttons) keeping one DRIVE knob activated,
* output level is normalized to match Bypass, to easily compare sounds,
– (NEW!) New standalone application GConManager which allows:
* Firmware upgrade and Firmware version checks,
* Change of unit ID for easier management.
(NEW!) Pro Tools integration (Mix Bypass linked with HW bypass, GR meters integrated in Pro Tools 11+, Commit track integration in Pro Tools 12.3+).
(NEW!) Dynamic leds implemented in HW (leds power is lowered unless particular parameter isn’t edited from HW or Plugin itself).
– Support for all recent operating systems: OSX 10.8+ (El Capitan included), Windows 7,Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10.
– Many fixes and corrections.