21 June 2016

Release Notes

Release 7.2:
– (NEW!) _MIMAS plug-in with a lot of new improvements and features:
1) Entirely re-designed metering on the Hardware and in the plug-in GUI with much higher resolution.
2) New plug-in GUI.
3) Clearly selectable modes in GUI:
– Compression ON – normal FET compression mode,
– Saturation mode – now with TRIM control and re-designed gain staging,
– Compression OFF – Compression circuit completely disabled – only INPUT and OUTPUT knobs are active, which allows to use unit as saturation box (Same behavior as ATACK at OFF possition in original UA 1176).
4) Ratio buttons can be engaged in any combination – Either with “Shift” pressed or via “HOLD” button.
5) VU IN and OUT headroom is clearly described in plug-in GUI:
– Input meter shows signal up to 21 dBu.
– Output meter shows signal up to 26 dBu.
6) IMPORTANT NOTE: Firmware upgrade due to extended gain reduction resolution may end up in minor meter decalibration – if any LED on the meter section will show gain reduction without any signal present on the unit, please follow this article to calibrate: http://wesaudio.com/_mimas_support/ .
– (NEW!) _DIONE Eclipse GUI – for _DIONE limited version with black faceplate.
– ngBusComp minor firmware corrections.

Release 7.1:
– (NEW!) ngLEVELER – TRIM mode.
(NEW!) ngLEVELER – Channel Grouping/Linking.
(NEW!) ngLEVELER – Channel selection.
– ngLEVELER – a lot of improvements in Mackie Control integration.
– Minor bugs correction

Release 7.0.2267:
– (NEW!) ngBusComp plug-in.
– Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

Release 7.0.2222:
– (NEW!) ngLEVELER plug-in.
– (NEW!) HUI integration with GCon devices –
available for ngLEVELER as new GConManager application.
– Multiple applications can now access GCon devices connected through USB.
– _GConBlackBox plug-in is deprecated and has been removed from the deployment.
New Tray application which monitor software incopatibilities between host application and firmware of the devices.
– Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

Release 6.1:

– (NEW!) _CALYPSO plug-in.
– _HYPERION Gain Mode parameter can be unlinked in Dual mono or MS mode.
– Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

Release 6.0:
1) (NEW!) _PROMETHEUS plug-in (mono and stereo).
2) (NEW!) New preset management
for each plugin – new menu for each plugin for easy access to factory and user presets.
3) (NEW!) Factory presets!
Minor bug fixes and _TITAN stability improvements.

Release 5.1:
1) (NEW!) New standalone application for OSX and Windows:
  * GConManager _MANAGE application can work in standalone mode allowing to control and recall hardware units.
  * Application can store settings in separate workspaces.
  * Designed to support situations where DAW or plugins can’t be used for some reason.
  * Very usefull in live situations.
  * MIDI mapping for better integration with live consoles:
  * Each GCon parameter can be mapped to certain MIDI message.
  * Each previously created workspace (snapshot of all connected elements) can be mapped to certain MIDI message.
2) OSX Mohave improvements.
3) Minor bug fixes.

Release 5.0:
– (NEW!) _HYPERION plug-in.
– (NEW!) _MIMAS new STEREO plug-in
implementation, which allows full control over two units.
– (NEW!) _DIONE GUI redesign.
– (NEW!) Copy presents (A/B)
from a front panel, to copy a preset:
– hold preset button you would like to copy for 3 seconds (it will start blinking) and release the button,
– push the same button to cancel operation, or the other preset button to copy preset settings.
– _DIONE and _MIMAS metering improvements
, especially on low gain reduction levels.
– A lot of stability improvements and bug fixes.

Release 4.1:
– (NEW!) _TITAN DHCP support – It is enough to connect _TITAN directly to router (with DHCP enabled),
to manage modules inside your network – no additional configuration is needed.
– Minor software/firmware corrections.

Release 4.0:
1) (NEW!) _GConBlackBox plugin:
– ONE plugin which connects to ALL available GCon compatible modules (even from other Vendors).
– Plugin works in background and saves parameters of all connected devices.
– Each time session is recalled, all devices are set up accordingly.
– Any plugin which will connect on top of _GConBlackBox, synchronizes parameters to current state.
– DAW automation features are not supported, however any device specific plugin can connect on top of _GConBlackBox.
2) Front panel A/B buttons are active when unit is paired with the plugin.
3) (NEW!) Plugin parameters are synchronized to hardware current state upon connection.
4) (NEW!) Memory auto synchronization:
– When plugin disconnects from hardware unit, current state of parameters on hardware
unit will syncronize with plugin, and previous state will be overwritten.
– This feature can be enabled/disabled in GConManager “SETTINGS” application.
5) (NEW!) Each plugin contains new “menu” button which allows:
– copy/paste current parameters state between configurations (A/B/C). This function works also between different plugin instances.
– Current plugin memory can be written to hardware (Available when memory auto synchronization is disabled).

Release 3.3:
– Hardware A/B preset change has been fixed on _MIMAS.

Release 3.2:
– _TITAN stability improvements.
– AAX DSP configuration has been improved to support resources sharing between DSP chips.

Release 3.1:
– (NEW!) Support for AAX DSP (HDX platform) – Note that Digital Side Chain feature won’t work.
– MAC OSX – correction on some specific MAC hardware that only 7 devices could be connected using front panel USB connection.
– Some minor improvements.

Release 3.0:
– (NEW!) _Titan support.
– (NEW!) Each module can right now use alternative LEDs mode. This can be easily switched using module front panel, by keeping bypass button for 2 seconds. New “Single Led Indication” mode enabled just one LED per knob.
– “Dynamic Led Mode” (default mode) has been dimmed and improved for all available modules.
– A lot of minor bug fixes.

Release 2.1: 
– (NEW!) All plugins suppoort AAX/VST2/VST3/AU formats.
– (NEW!) _DIONE plugin
– (NEW!) _MIMAS saturation MODE:
* can be activated keeping RATIO hardware button for more then 1 second, or using Plugin inside DAW,
* transforms _MIMAS compressor into saturation (drive) unit using very pleasing and loved transformer sound,
* new mode of operation disables all other parameters (knobs & buttons) keeping one DRIVE knob activated,
* output level is normalized to match Bypass, to easily compare sounds,
– (NEW!) New standalone application GConManager which allows:
* Firmware upgrade and Firmware version checks,
* Change of unit ID for easier management.
(NEW!) Pro Tools integration (Mix Bypass linked with HW bypass, GR meters integrated in Pro Tools 11+, Commit track integration in Pro Tools 12.3+).
(NEW!) Dynamic leds implemented in HW (leds power is lowered unless particular parameter isn’t edited from HW or Plugin itself).
– Support for all recent operating systems: OSX 10.8+ (El Capitan included), Windows 7,Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10.
– Many fixes and corrections.

Known issues:

– Studio One 3: VST3 Digital Side chain feature doesn’t work (it works fine for AU).

Legacy installers:

 – WesAudio_WINx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

MAC – WesAudio_MACx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

 – WesAudio_WINx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

MAC – WesAudio_MACx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

WIN – WesAudio_WINx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

MAC – WesAudio_MACx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

WIN – WesAudio_WINx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

MAC – WesAudio_MACx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

WIN – WesAudio_WINx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

MAC – WesAudio_MACx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

 – WesAudio_WINx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

MAC – WesAudio_MACx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

 – WesAudio_WINx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

MAC – WesAudio_MACx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

 – WesAudio_WINx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

MAC – WesAudio_MACx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

WIN – WesAudio_WINx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

MAC – WesAudio_MACx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

WIN – WesAudio_WINx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

MAC – WesAudio_MACx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

– WesAudio_WINx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

MAC – WesAudio_MACx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

– WesAudio_WINx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

MAC – WesAudio_MACx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

– WesAudio_WINx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

MAC – WesAudio_MACx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

WIN – WesAudio_WINx86x64_VST_AAX

MAC – WesAudio_MACx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

WIN – WesAudio_WINx86x64_VST_AAX

MAC – WesAudio_MACx86x64_VST_AAX_AU