21 June 2016

Release Notes

Release 6.0:
1) (NEW!) _PROMETHEUS plug-in (mono and stereo).
2) (NEW!) New preset management
for each plugin – new menu for each plugin for easy access to factory and user presets.
3) (NEW!) Factory presets!
Minor bug fixes and _TITAN stability improvements.

Release 5.1:
1) (NEW!) New standalone application for OSX and Windows:
  * GConManager _MANAGE application can work in standalone mode allowing to control and recall hardware units.
  * Application can store settings in separate workspaces.
  * Designed to support situations where DAW or plugins can’t be used for some reason.
  * Very usefull in live situations.
  * MIDI mapping for better integration with live consoles:
  * Each GCon parameter can be mapped to certain MIDI message.
  * Each previously created workspace (snapshot of all connected elements) can be mapped to certain MIDI message.
2) OSX Mohave improvements.
3) Minor bug fixes.

Release 5.0:
– (NEW!) _HYPERION plug-in.
– (NEW!) _MIMAS new STEREO plug-in
implementation, which allows full control over two units.
– (NEW!) _DIONE GUI redesign.
– (NEW!) Copy presents (A/B)
from a front panel, to copy a preset:
– hold preset button you would like to copy for 3 seconds (it will start blinking) and release the button,
– push the same button to cancel operation, or the other preset button to copy preset settings.
– _DIONE and _MIMAS metering improvements
, especially on low gain reduction levels.
– A lot of stability improvements and bug fixes.

Release 4.1:
– (NEW!) _TITAN DHCP support – It is enough to connect _TITAN directly to router (with DHCP enabled),
to manage modules inside your network – no additional configuration is needed.
– Minor software/firmware corrections.

Release 4.0:
1) (NEW!) _GConBlackBox plugin:
– ONE plugin which connects to ALL available GCon compatible modules (even from other Vendors).
– Plugin works in background and saves parameters of all connected devices.
– Each time session is recalled, all devices are set up accordingly.
– Any plugin which will connect on top of _GConBlackBox, synchronizes parameters to current state.
– DAW automation features are not supported, however any device specific plugin can connect on top of _GConBlackBox.
2) Front panel A/B buttons are active when unit is paired with the plugin.
3) (NEW!) Plugin parameters are synchronized to hardware current state upon connection.
4) (NEW!) Memory auto synchronization:
– When plugin disconnects from hardware unit, current state of parameters on hardware
unit will syncronize with plugin, and previous state will be overwritten.
– This feature can be enabled/disabled in GConManager “SETTINGS” application.
5) (NEW!) Each plugin contains new “menu” button which allows:
– copy/paste current parameters state between configurations (A/B/C). This function works also between different plugin instances.
– Current plugin memory can be written to hardware (Available when memory auto synchronization is disabled).

Release 3.3:
– Hardware A/B preset change has been fixed on _MIMAS.

Release 3.2:
– _TITAN stability improvements.
– AAX DSP configuration has been improved to support resources sharing between DSP chips.

Release 3.1:
– (NEW!) Support for AAX DSP (HDX platform) – Note that Digital Side Chain feature won’t work.
– MAC OSX – correction on some specific MAC hardware that only 7 devices could be connected using front panel USB connection.
– Some minor improvements.

Release 3.0:
– (NEW!) _Titan support.
– (NEW!) Each module can right now use alternative LEDs mode. This can be easily switched using module front panel, by keeping bypass button for 2 seconds. New “Single Led Indication” mode enabled just one LED per knob.
– “Dynamic Led Mode” (default mode) has been dimmed and improved for all available modules.
– A lot of minor bug fixes.

Release 2.1: 
– (NEW!) All plugins suppoort AAX/VST2/VST3/AU formats.
– (NEW!) _DIONE plugin
– (NEW!) _MIMAS saturation MODE:
* can be activated keeping RATIO hardware button for more then 1 second, or using Plugin inside DAW,
* transforms _MIMAS compressor into saturation (drive) unit using very pleasing and loved transformer sound,
* new mode of operation disables all other parameters (knobs & buttons) keeping one DRIVE knob activated,
* output level is normalized to match Bypass, to easily compare sounds,
– (NEW!) New standalone application GConManager which allows:
* Firmware upgrade and Firmware version checks,
* Change of unit ID for easier management.
(NEW!) Pro Tools integration (Mix Bypass linked with HW bypass, GR meters integrated in Pro Tools 11+, Commit track integration in Pro Tools 12.3+).
(NEW!) Dynamic leds implemented in HW (leds power is lowered unless particular parameter isn’t edited from HW or Plugin itself).
– Support for all recent operating systems: OSX 10.8+ (El Capitan included), Windows 7,Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10.
– Many fixes and corrections.

Known issues:

– Studio One 3: VST3 Digital Side chain feature doesn’t work (it works fine for AU).

Legacy installers:

 – WesAudio_WINx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

MAC – WesAudio_MACx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

WIN – WesAudio_WINx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

MAC – WesAudio_MACx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

WIN – WesAudio_WINx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

MAC – WesAudio_MACx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

– WesAudio_WINx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

MAC – WesAudio_MACx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

– WesAudio_WINx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

MAC – WesAudio_MACx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

– WesAudio_WINx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

MAC – WesAudio_MACx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

WIN – WesAudio_WINx86x64_VST_AAX

MAC – WesAudio_MACx86x64_VST_AAX_AU

WIN – WesAudio_WINx86x64_VST_AAX

MAC – WesAudio_MACx86x64_VST_AAX_AU