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Our recall system is part of open specification, all vendors are welcome to join!


WesAudio is a Polish manufacturer which stands behind GCon protocol implementation – solution for remote unit’s management. It was created to provide easy to implement, fast to integrate, solid and tested environment to develop hardware units where any of its parameters can be managed remotely from external application – DAW plugin, standalone application, or any other.

Note about 500 series extension in modules:

We all know that audio industry demands better hardware integration which can fit into today’s workflows. This solution has been proven to work in many customer environments all over the world.

What is provided free of charge? Everything which is necessary to start!


  • GCon BlackBox plugin – generic DAW plugin with recall functionality in VST3/VST2/AAX/AAX DSP/AU (32/64 bit) formats.
  • GConManager – standalone application for units management.
  • GConPeriphery (C language) – low level communication drivers, utilities, and whole communication logic implemented.
  • Firmware example (C language) – example which covers most of the firmware implementation aspects, can be taken as-is to create own recallable module.
  • GPE (C++ language) – GCon protocol environment – C++ API which communicates with GCon runtime library and allows easy management over hardware units through DAW plugin or any other standalone application (Available in near future).
  • GCon documentation – detailed documentation which covers:
    • Easy start up guide.
    • Definition of ng500 connector.
    • Detailed description about attached frameworks.
    • GCon scenarios description.
    • Detailed GConPeriphery description with working, ready to integrate example.

How to start?

If you are interested, just send us an query. You can also check out our documentation right now.

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