2 November 2020




FET design in particular very often requires metering levels tweaking – _MIMAS is no exception – Gain reduction metering reference level needs to be calibrated from time to time. It is not rare situation that _MIMAS will start lightning up gain reduction LEDs on the front panel even if there is no signal present. To calibrate metering few very easy steps need to be follow:

  1. Please power ON the Chassis with _MIMAS inside, and wait about 10 minutes for unit to properly warm up,
  2. Now Gain reduction trimmer needs to be adjusted – please power OFF chassis and remove _MIMAS unit from the chassis:
    1. If You are in situation that LED is lighting up without any signal – trimmer should be adjusted counter clockwise HALF a circle as below:_mimas_trimmer_counter 
    2. If for any reason gain reduction on the unit doesn’t show gain reduction when it is in fact occuring, trimmer should be adjusted HALF a CIRCLE clockwise as below:_mimas_trimmer_clockwise
  3. Now _MIMAS unit still doesn’t show properly gain reduction, please go through this procedure again from point 2.