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WesAudio has been a manufacturer of professional audio equipment since 2010. Company legacy lies in modern approach to classic analog equipment, however since 2013 a new branch of development has been started bringing into market innovative and modern “Next Generation” line of units for professional audio processing. WesAudio’s main goal however, remains the same – create beautiful sounding analog equipment with great modern features for an affordable price. We strive to assure that our products are of high quality and precision, we provide full warranty and service of all the equipment available for sale.


Analog design in our company has been part of our history for a very long time. We have developed proprietary knowledge both in pure analog processing, as management of such circuits via digital counterparts. We are using the best measurement audio systems from Audio Precision. Our production line starts on Pick & Place machines, through our Tech Team finalizing product assembly, finally going into very complex and detailed testing phase and unit calibration – All products are made and designed in Poland.. We are not outsourcing any part of that process to maintain the best possible quality.


Our proprietary software integration is fully designed and developed by our internal team. Our company has a very long professional background in a variety of solutions on the IT market including 4G networks, Cloud designs and implementations, and many other networking solutions. We have developed very wide knowledge on digital management over analog circuits which help us to invent the most advanced and convenient analog processing units with best possible sonic experience.


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