20 December 2015


ng500 – Next generation 500 series – hardware extension to 500 series which allows to manage and recall settings of the modules from external source. 

Note about 500 series extension in modules: 

Each WesAudio device in ng500 (Next Generation 500 series) product line is equipped with special connector. This connector is an extension to 500 series, and allows your device to be managed/recalled through specialized GCon protocol (e.g. _Titan 500 series 10 slots frame).


This extension is compatible with 500 series standardized plug type, however some manufacturers apply enormous screws to the plug itself, which prevent the device to fit in. Based on official research more then 90% of available 500 series racks will fit just fine. Currently known exceptions:

– Rupert Neve Designs 500 series Rack (confirmed),
– Aphex 500 series rack (not confirmed),problematic_screw-copy
– Some older BAE racks (not produced anymore).

If You are in possession of any of those 500 series racks, there are two options:

  1. NG500 module won’t fit into this racks because of upper screw attached to 500 series connector. This particular screw can be removed without any side effects in most of listed racks. With such simple modification your rack is ready to host any NG500 module on this particular slot.
    Each device can be ordered without special 500 series connector, however:
    – The device compatibility with _titan frame is broken, and will not work.
    – The device can be managed/recalled via direct USB connection without any problems.






Note about ng500 series connector in _TITAN: 

_Titan connector was designed to deliver new implementation opportunities, but also to remain compatible with most of 500 series modules. Nevertheless ng500 series connector is higher then standard 500 series plug and some standard 500 series modules won’t fit into _TITAN. The reason for that is module’s chassis design at the back, which can prevent the module to fit in correctly.

As you can see on above picture, ng500 series connector is higher 9mm comparing to standard 500 series socket (please note that above sockets are matched to each other based on particular pins). To check if your modules will fit into _TITAN you can send us a query to info@wesaudio.com with description of modules that you would like to use.